Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Life is like a sandwich...

Hi there! Welcome to my blog - It's my first time, so be gentle with me...

I am one of that rare breed of human-kind - a dog loving, quirky, environmentalist who has been blessed with a loving family. Married for 14 years, a beautiful teenage daughter (13) and a msichevious scamp of a boy at 10 years. My pride and joy (mainly because they have been taught to be self sufficient, with manners, morals and ethics. Somethings definitely missing in today's world!

Multiple Sclerosis is my new bed partner - I was diagnosed in September 2008, and yes, when I go to bed it's with me and when I wake up in the morning, it's still with me. The fun of it is trying to manage the daily nuances and find the short cuts to enjoying the day. On the other hand, it has now enabled me to gleefully abandon the drudgery of daily stressful life in the corporate world, and to focus on mankind, myself,my family, the friends of my teenager who don't have a stable or loving home environment (and need lots of listening too, advice and love)...oh yes and the furry kind! Dogs. Angelic beings whose attitudes I learn from.

As in: If you are my friend, I will wag my tail at you. If not, beware! For I guard all that I love with unconditional devotion and care. And no....I don't do tricks :)

Im relishing the opportunity to bring old fashioned morals and time honoured traditions back into play. Time to cook proper meals, perhaps grow some vegetables, make time to do homework, take up hobbies etc, etc..

To meditate, use crystal healing, promote love, peace and joy to all who need it! People are too rushed to care, to stressed to be blessed....andwhy is that? The world as we know it is changing, if it's not Global Warming it's politics or some other nonsense. I do NOT promote any of that crap on my site...life is too short!

Life is like a sandwich - if you think your bread is stale - make toast! If not, take the time and the effort to garnish it, dress it, smother it in exotic and teasing flavours and there you have it...a meal worth the effort.

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